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Music: Jahanshah Boroumand

Lyrics: Mohammadreza Bazargani

Arrangement: Babak Shahraki

Soheila Golestani - Asheghaneha  (Listened times : 50)
Soheila Golestani - Makon Faramoosham  (Listened times : 21)
Soheila Golestani - Raze Man  (Listened times : 22)
Soheila Golestani - Atashe Eshgh  (Listened times : 17)
Soheila Golestani - Ey Bahare Man  (Listened times : 8)
Soheila Golestani - Yegane  (Listened times : 6)
Soheila Golestani - Sharabe Arghavani  (Listened times : 7)
Soheila Golestani - Kolbe Man  (Listened times : 7)
Soheila Golestani - Behesht Afarin  (Listened times : 7)

A peaceful home, an educated family where the father was a philosophy professor, created a suitable environment for the growth of Soheila’s talent alongside by hardworking in education.

She became familiar with masters of Persian language and music such as Professor Sasan Sepanta, Master Jalil Shahnaz, Master Hassan Kasaie and other well-known friends of her father.

Professor Sasan Sepanta, which retrieved old exquisite musical pieces by phonograph for the first time in Iran, gifted these pieces to Soheila among other presents and made young Soheila passionate for traditional Persian music and reading literature.

Poetry and literature have been lifelong friends of Soheila Golestani. She considers poetry as a gift which rises in serene moments and takes its nature from human’s emotional and moral passion.

Having natural born talent and encouragement of her father’s friends, she began to learn music theory and singing alongside with her elementary education. Dr Golestani diligently continued academic education and received doctoral degree in clinical medical laboratory from Shahid Beheshti University of medical science in Tehran.

Dr Golestani adores her artistic activity and scientific activity equally and believes interested and talented women in Iran could have the same opportunity and success in music as men if society let them.

Beside to her study, Dr Golestani learned to play piano, sight reading and became skilled at vocal lines by her mentor “Hengameh Akhavan” one of the last surviving of Adib Khansari style.

This intimacy and moral conduct between mentor and apprentice promotes a brand new scale for musical activity of Persian female artists. Dr Golestani believes that moral character of every artwork has a close connection and interaction with artistic value.

She has more than 70 songs and 120 minutes of recorded vocal parts in different Persian music devises.

Professor Shafiee Kadkani, a national treasure in Persian poetry, culture and music, expressed his interests in Dr Golestani’s voice and dedicate his poem book called “ Hezareh Dovom Ahooye Koohi” to her with this note on the first page “… To Dr Soheila Golestani, May she sing each of these poems with her tender voice…”.

Dr Golestani believes that art and music requires knowledge and technical proficiency at the same time. In her point of view, words and language are not just sound or symbol on a piece of paper but, represents spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of humans which includes the most meaningful and deepest moral and emotional aspects and musical phoneme transmits these concepts in the most suitable way possible.

Some of the available sound tracks of Mrs Golestani are Yeganeh, Zmaneh,Ey bahare man, Sharab-e-Arghavani, Kolbeh-e-Man, Darya-e-Gham, Souda-e-Oo, Atash-e-Eshgh, Raz-e-Man, Makon Faramoosham, … .
In recent years she collaborated with:

  1. Dr Jahanshah Boromand in " Raaze Man " collection.
  2. Master Mohammad Ali Kianinejad in " Atash-e-Eshgh " collection.
  3. master Derakhshani, in " Yeganeh " collection.

Needless to say, all of them has been gathered and produced by Dr Golestani herself with great passion and significant efforts.

With enormous enthusiasm, Dr Soheila Golestani is still persuading on creating and developing her music works.

Soheila Golestani - Asheghaneha [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Makon Faramoosham [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Raze Man [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Atashe Eshgh [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Ey Bahare Man [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Yegane [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Sharabe Arghavani [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Kolbe Man [Hämta]

Soheila Golestani - Behesht Afarin [Hämta]

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